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Length   225 cm
Width   122 cm
Height   152 cm
Max. height   152 cm
Weight   162 kg


Description: The largest toy we have manufactured so far. The toy has the form of a terrain car, which imitates the cars used for racing on the sand. The toy impresses with its size and attracts children from a long distance, which is achieved by elaborate structure and execution. As a matter of fact, the front lights of the car are made of the actual size chrome halogen headlights, which in the front of the car are enclosed in a polished stainless steel tube.

The same polished stainless steel is used for the side railing installed at each door of the car, as well as a big booster behind the passenger seats. These components are securely integrated with the car's structure and very sturdy. The rear of the toy is very visually enticing and features two chrome exhaust pipes and numerous lights. The rear lights include four large multipoint lamps.
The car's design is completed with massive tyres with outlined tread. The passenger cabin is an important element, as it offers enough room for two children and even an adult. The passenger cabin has two driving wheels, sound buttons and lights. The sound system naturally imitates the sound of a sports car engine and horn.
For the toy of such a large size we also designed a suitably powerful and reliable drive. The design is maintenance-free and based on multiple self-lubricating bearings, which guarantees a long-term and failure-free operation. The colour palette of the car includes red, as the main colour of the bodywork, blue interior of the passenger cabin, and orange chassis. The bodywork itself is also interesting, as its design features polished stainless steel elements and lights, which is appealing not only to children, but also to adults.


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JB Harry
commercial coin operated rocking toys


+48 506 536 416
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